5 New Rumors about iPhone 9 / iPhone SE

Behind the scenes, New rumors says Apple is working hard to release an iPhone 9 or iPhone SE. iPhone SE will price at the most bag-friendly price. The price is the most affordable among iPhone products. But this phone packed with features and very good specifications.

Apple still does not want to reveal the iPhone SE, so we can only get information about the SE series from various rumors circulating in cyberspace. The rumors still not officially confirmed, all signals point in the same direction that Apple will soon release a new iPhone this April. This phone will become a new entry level model in 2020.

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5 New Rumors about the iPhone SE / iPhone 9:


The screen is the most important thing of a smartphone. The SE will come with a 4.7-inch screen panel. Slightly bigger than the iPhone SE 2016 which carries a 4-inch screen. However, the iPhone SE will adopt the same body size as the iPhone 8. While the type of screen is likely to be an LCD screen. So it’s not OLED screen as can be found on the expensive Samsung smartphone.


The iPhone 9 (or SE) might look like its predecessor, the iPhone 8. from the outside, the big difference is the processor. According to rumors, Apple will equip the A13 chip on the iPhone 9. This chip also can be found on the iPhone 11 and 11 pro. In terms of speed, there is no doubt how the performance of this apple chip. In addition, this chip is also very energy efficient. It is great for those who like multi-tasking and playing games.

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Camera | iPhone SE / iPhone 9

The iPhone SE rumored to come with one main camera on the back. One camera is also present at the front for selfies and video calls. The main camera measuring 12MP for taking photos most likely also capable of recording 4K 60fps quality video. Very good if you want to play the video on a big TV.

The design

The design leaked the first time from a screen protector sold at the Apple Store. Which shows that the iPhone SE will have the same body as the iPhone 8. That means this phone will still have a pretty big bezel around the screen. Then the existence of the old home button at the bottom of the screen. The presence of the home button remains a boon for many users. Operational functions such as pressing and unlocking become more practical.

Price | iPhone SE / iPhone 9

Apple is still keeping a secret about the price tag of this iPhone SE. Estimated that this new iPhone series will be sold at around $430. This is an affordable price and is a more attractive alternative to competitors’ products. iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 will be one of the most popular phones in 2020.

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