Google delays Android 11 release

Android 11 developer preview
img source: 9to5Google

Google delays the release of Android 11. Google noted, “We are excited to tell you more about Android 11, but now is not the time to celebrate.”. “We are postponing the June 3 event and beta release.”

Google has been quietly updating the Android 11 page on its developer page with news of the beta launch of the next version of the operating system. It should have arrived on June 3, but will be postponed, Google says. However, there will be a special launch show on YouTube to replace this year’s Google I / O edition.

Android 11 release postponed

The point of the Beta Launch Show is to come up with all the news, updates, and presentations that would otherwise have been featured on the Google I / O keynote on Google’s Mountain View campus. The Corona pandemic has prompted Google to cancel this year’s edition of I / O.

Therefore, online shows are probably what most people expect from Google. Google has a teaser video that provides a snapshot of the event. It currently as Unlisted on YouTube. In other words, it indicates that the announcement of the online launch event had reached the public a little earlier than intended.

It looks like there will be a Q&A session with Android VP, Dave Burke, and Senior Director and Product Management, Stephanie Cuthbertson. To ask a question, you need to use Android Developers via #AskAndroid. Otherwise, we don’t know that much at this time.

May also be about the death of George Floyd

There have been a lot of rumors about possible news on Android 11. The beta was expected out as early as May, but Google is a bit behind the usual launch schedule. Not so surprising with the current world situation. No specific occasion is stated, simply stating that it is not the right time to celebrate something. Presumably, this is about the protest actions taking place in the US right now. Recently, African-American George Floyd was killed during a police operation by a white policeman and this has led to violent demonstrations in the United States.

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