How to Permanently Delete Zoom Account in Easy Steps

How to Permanently Delete Zoom Account in Easy Steps

How to Permanently Delete Zoom Account in Easy Steps – Zoom is an application for online meetings and video calls that are popular. Because Zoom is very different from other applications, where other applications can only video calls from 4 to 8 people. But for this different Zoom, it can video call 100 people at once.

Besides the zoom size is not so big and to register it is also very easy. Whether overseas or domestically, the Zoom is often used as a learning medium. Because it is really effective to use to study online together. Besides Zoom also provides interesting features, you can check directly in the application.

But lately, it’s been viral news about Zoom, that the Zoom application is not safe. Where many are hacked or otherwise, of course, this can make us very anxious and worried. Especially in our smartphone, there is a lot of important information.

Then how to delete the Zoom account from our smartphone ?. Here I will explain two ways. But for the smartphone this time, although there is also a PC version. Please check the following method.

How to permanently delete a zoom account on a smartphone and PC

Actually, if we delete or uninstall the Zoom application, it’s OK, but we need to know that we registered the Zoom application using an email address, so it automatically links to the Zoom application. Therefore it is very important.

1. Delete the Zoom Account

Step 1 – Open a Zoom Account on a smartphone

  • Go to the Zoom site at with your Zoom account, click the 3 line icon in the upper right corner, then Sign in.
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Step 2 – Select Account Management Options

  • After logging in, then click the dropdown menu, then look for the Admin menu> Account Management> Account Profile as shown below.
Delete Zoom Account in Easy Steps
Delete Zoom Account in Easy Steps

Step 3 – Delete the Zoom Account on the Cellphone

  • On the Account Profile page, you select the Terminate my account option at the bottom. Then in the confirmation pop-up, you just select Yes to delete the Zoom account permanently.

Step 4 – Disable Zoom Permission

Even though the Zoom account has been permanently deleted, there is still a Zoom application installed on your smartphone.

  • Before you begin deleting or uninstalling, you first disable the Zoom permission. You just go to the Settings menu> App> Zoom> Permissions.
zoom app permission

Step 5 – Clear Cache and Data Zoom

  • Then you can clear cache and data from the Zoom application. Go to the Storage menu> Clear cache and Clear data.
zoo app cleardata cache

Step 6 – Uninstall the Zoom Application on a smartphone

  • Finally you just select the Uninstall option to uninstall the Zoom application on the smartphone. If a confirmation appears, you just tap OK to continue the process.
zoom application uninstal

To delete a Zoom account on the iPhone, the method is the same as above and can be done through the Safari browser.

Meanwhile, to delete the Zoom application on the iPhone you can go to the Settings menu – General – iPhone Storage – Zoom – Delete App.

Continue with the second method.

2. Disconnecting Zoom into Gmail Account

  • Next, just go to your Gmail application.
  • After that, please choose the email address that you used to register the Zoom application.
  • Next please just click on the top right corner or on your Gmail address profile. After that, several email addresses will appear on your smartphone.
  • Then, just click Manage your Google account. On the menu or navigation above, please search and select for security.
  • After that, just scroll down, and there you will find login to another site.
  • Next, please just look for the zoom application.
  • Then finally please click delete access. Wait for the process to delete it usually for a few moments, then please refresh it.
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You can restart your smartphone to completely restart the data and be safe.

So that’s how to delete a Zoom account easily on a smartphone.

Then what about in the PC?

For PCs, if you want to uninstall the application, simply uninstall via the control panel. Meanwhile, to delete the Zoom account, the method is exactly the same as on the smartphone. It’s just different in appearance.

That’s how to delete a zoom account on your Smartphone and Laptop, it’s easy right?

If you are still doubtful about that, you can secure your data. Like deleting bank applications found on mobile phones, as well as other important accounts.

If you consider that the zoom is important, you can secure your private data. If you are not sure, please you can use other applications but yes it is limited. But so far, of course, the zoom is not silent, the zoom has now increased security in any way so that undesirable things do not happen again.

We recommend a safer meeting application, Skype, and Google Meets, developed by Microsoft and Google.

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