iPhone 11 Review: Upgrade is the Best Choice

iphone 11 review - box content
iphone 11 review – box content

iPhone 11 Review – The iPhone 11 is the sexiest variant, out of three iPhones released in 2019. It is a big leap as a successor to the iPhone XR.

The most interesting thing about the iPhone 11 is the price. Set at 50 US dollars cheaper than the iPhone XR. The lower price tag, as well as significant feature enhancements, illustrate Apple’s efforts to make the iPhone 11 more acceptable to people. While the addition of the name “Pro” is given to the iPhone which is more luxurious this year.

Familiar design | iPhone 11 Review

The appearance of the iPhone 11 follows in the footsteps of the iPhone XR which is a 6.1-inch phone. Everything is still the same on the right, left, top, and at the bottom. This size is ideal, compared to the iPhone 11 Pro which has a smaller screen, 5.8 inches, or iPhone 11 Pro Max, 6.5 inches.

Little has changed on the front of the iPhone 11. The device again has a 6.1-inch screen with a wide notch at the top for Face ID and other sensors. The screen edges are still quite thick and that is extra noticeable when you put the iPhone 11 next to an 11 Pro (Max). It is not really disturbing, but it does ensure that the screen is slightly less “front-filling”.

At 6.1 inches display, in my opinion, a nice size. The iPhone 11 is a relatively compact smartphone, although it is difficult to operate it completely with one hand.

While the iPhone 11 is the ideal size, holding the Pro version is a more solid experience. Pro version is much denser in terms of build quality. Apple packs a larger battery, and steel wraps that add weight, giving a solid sensation in the hand.

iPhone 11 can be viewed as an upgraded version of the iPhone XR. First of all, the iPhone 11 retains the various colors of the iPhone XR in appearance. Black, white, red, yellow, green, and purple is newly added, making a total of six colors. Among them, green and purple are popular.

New “frosted glass” design

The most prominent change in the appearance of the iPhone 11 is the camera module. The position of the camera module is still centered on the upper left. The camera is also upgraded from one camera to two cameras. Apple has added a super-wide-angle lens. While the positions of the two cameras stand out slightly.

review : iphone 11 design - black color

Apple’s Logo has also been moved to the center. The iPhone sign at the bottom has also disappeared, making it very simple.

Interestingly, the camera module in the upper left corner of the iPhone 11 uses frosted glass, while the body and other parts use mirror glass. The holes for the camera, flashlight, and microphone are also slightly larger than the iPhone XR. The waterproof rating of the main unit has been upgraded from the IP67 to the IP68. Meaning that it can be carried at a depth of 2 meters for 30 minutes.

Even so, maximizing other features, such as the iPhone 11 speaker sound is more stable than the iPhone XR, because it is equipped with Dolby Atmos.

There is no change on the other side, and it is still designed with a combination of glass and aluminum metal. The body’s sizes and weights are the same as last year’s XR.

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Display | iPhone 11 Review

the screen resolution is again 1792 by 828 pixels and although this is not very high, images do look sharp. It is true that almost all Android smartphones in this price segment have a screen with a much higher resolution so that the iPhone 11 lags in this area.

Although the size and resolution are still the same, the iPhone 11 screen is better than the iPhone XR. It produces brighter colors, but still maintains the accuracy of the original colors. The display looks good, the color transitions are natural, and it works great with True Tone.

Apple called it the Liquid Retina display last year, and this year it’s also called the Liquid Retina display, explaining that previous generation smartphone displays continue.

No perfect display

However, this display also has three drawbacks. The low resolution, which is not as detailed as the Pro version and the Android smartphone on the 2K display. There is no problem at normal usage distance, but it is a little blurry when you look at it from nearby. However, it’s far better than the 1080P display, which is quite common.

The second is brightness. You can manually set the maximum brightness up to 650 nits, but there is no automatic brightness correction, so it is a little hard to see the display clearly in direct sunlight.

Another is what Android competitors are also doing better is the overall image quality. For smartphones of around 800 euros, an OLED screen is now common and this is simply missing on the iPhone 11.

Another point I was concerned about was the big notch that the iPhone has. On a black display, it is completely unnoticeable, but as soon as you view a white page, it stands out enormously. In comparison to Sony Xperia phone (which has no notch) and latest Galaxy S10 (hidden in the right corner), a large stripe at the top of the screen is an eyesore at the beginning. But as I put everything in Dark Mode and most websites now have a Night Mode, I have to admit that I no longer notice.

Hardware | iPhone 11 Review

Like the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, Apple equips the iPhone 11 with the new A13 Bionic chip, which is slightly faster than last year’s A12 chip from the iPhones. All apps and games run smoothly, even when you perform multiple (heavier) tasks at the same time.

The name “Bionic” is passed down from A11 to A13, and there is no significant change in the size of the core. There are four efficiency cores, two performance cores. The performance of efficiency cores has increased by 20% and power consumption has decreased by 40%.

iPhone 11 review - GPU performance

The performance cores have increased by 20% and power consumption has decreased by 30%. The unique 4-core GPU has a 20% higher performance and 40% lower power consumption. The Neural Engine uses an 8-core frame, improving performance by 20% and reducing power consumption by 15%. The performance improvements are basically in line with what Apple announced.

Other features

Face ID is of course present and face recognition works even better than before. Unlocking is slightly faster and the Face ID camera has a larger viewing angle so that in practice the iPhone 11 unlocks slightly faster when the phone is on the table. The difference is not significant, but Face ID remains a very nice unlocking method that always works well.

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Also, this new iPhone is compatible with the latest 802.11ax standard, namely Wi-Fi 6. Apple has announced that its local area network transfer speed has increased by 38%.

Ideal for gaming? | iPhone 11 Review

Perhaps this point is not equally interesting for everyone, but with the rise of the Apple Arcade I would like to mention it. I like the iPhone 11 for gaming. The screen is large enough without being heavy to play on it. When you play for a while, the screen does not get annoyingly warm. So you can play a lot of games of Call of Duty: Mobile in a row. And with other games it is of course possible to connect your controller to play that way.

iOS 13 | iPhone 11 Review

iPhone 11 series are the first smartphones that come with a new operating system, iOS 13. This OS has a variety of new features. There is a Dark Mode, a better Face ID, a more efficient battery, an excellent new Night Mode, and improved emojis.

iOs 13 dark mode

What’s interesting is of course Apple Arcade. This feature allows us to play games in the catalog. These games can be obtained by subscribing.

iOS 13 also has a new gesture that makes it easy for us to edit text. For example, left swipe with three fingers to undo, right swipe with three fingers to redo. Problem undo text, it can also be done by double-tap the screen using three fingers. This function applies to iMessages, Notes, Microsoft Word, Safari, and Twitter applications.

Photography | iPhone 11 Review

iPhone 11 is one of the best in terms of photography and video if you are considering buying an expensive gadget today.

iPhone 11 - new camera layout
iPhone 11 – new camera layout

Camera specs

Main camera: 26mm, f / 1.8 aperture, 12 megapixels, optical image stabilization.

Ultra wide-angle: 13mm (120 °), f / 2.4 aperture, 12 megapixels;

Front camera: Supports f / 2.2 aperture, 12 megapixels, 4K 60FPS video shooting, and 120FPS slow motion.

Good quality is given to autofocus that works faster. The results are sharper overall with more accurate color reproduction than the iPhone XR.

Now, I like that i can take portraits photos of pet on the iPhone 11 (iPhone XR does not recognize non-human faces to take pictures).

Excellent new Night Mode

Photos were taken with enough light the results look great. Then the photos taken at night are also amazing. Thanks to the Night Mode feature which is very useful for low light photography. The Night Mode feature makes photos in low light conditions bright and clear. Although there is still a little noise around the image, the interference can still be tolerated because it is still satisfactory.

However, this night mode cannot be turned on freely. When the smartphone determines that the environment is suitable, the night mode will appear on the screen. At that time, you can choose to turn it on or off.

iPhone 11 review -  camera App

New camera layout

The main focus of the iPhone 11 is the upgraded camera layout. A camera with an ultra-wide-angle lens was added to that. We like the impressive improvement of ultrawide lenses if i wear them in an artistic space or to capture beautiful scenes. The results of the ultrawide photo look good, but not as good as that of the normal camera. There is no hollow at the end of the photo so it looks neat. This also happens when i take bokeh photographs that are foreground and background gradations seem to be connected smoothly.

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Unlike the iPhone 11 Pro (Max), the iPhone 11 does not have a telephoto lens, but i hardly miss it. In practice, a lens to zoom out is a lot more practical (and more fun to play with) than a camera that only zooms in a little. The iPhone 11’s camera may be a little less versatile, but it is no less good.

Switching between the two cameras is very simple: in the Camera app you will see a button to switch between 1x and 0.5x zoom. Or you put two fingers on the screen and move them together to zoom out.

The front camera of the iPhone 11 is 12 MP resolution. It has features that are not much different from the rear camera. There is also a wide lens that is quite helpful for selfies to be more fun. Another feature that is no less exciting is Slofie aka Slow Motion Selfie. Users can make slow motion videos with the front camera.

iPhone 11 also uses a new feature called Deep Fusion, which further enhances details and reduces image noise in photos.

Good battery life | iPhone 11 Review

We were very positive about the battery life of the iPhone XR last year and that is no different from the iPhone 11. According to Apple, the 11 lasts an average of an hour longer than its predecessor and while it is difficult to determine whether this small improvement is correct, I can say that the battery life of the iPhone 11 is excellent. With normal use you can easily get through the day and only if you use the phone a lot, you will get it empty in a day.

iPhoe11 -  Battery health

Slow charging

Unfortunately, Apple still supplies the slow 5 Watt charger with the iPhone 11, not the faster 18 Watt adapter that comes with the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. As a result, charging a battery from 10 percent to 100 percent takes about 2.5 hours. Apple apparently sees fast charging as a Pro feature, but it is clearly not.

Smartphones from other manufacturers, even those that cost a fraction of the price of the iPhone 11, come with a faster charger these days. Hopefully, next year Apple will simply put an 18 Watt charger in the box with every new iPhone.

Finally, wireless charging is available again and that is a nice feature to have. Unfortunately, it is not possible to charge other devices, such as an Apple Watch or set of AirPods, by placing them on the back of the iPhone 11.

Apple iPhone 11, 128GB, Black













  • Great camera system
  • Powerful Processor
  • Affordable pricing
  • Great battery life
  • Gorgeous color options


  • Fast charging adapter not included
  • No zoom lens on camera

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