The iPhone SE 2020: Components and Differences with iPhone 8

There was a lot of talk about the iPhone SE 2020 for years and now that we have it here. It is useful to see what’s new. Visually, the exterior of iPhone SE 2020 is very similar to the iPhone 8, although internally it has some new features. What has changed and what secrets does it have?

The iPhone SE 2020: Components and Differences with iPhone 8

Little changes from iPhone 8 to iPhone SE 2020

iFixit is committed to publishing various manuals repair for the device. The iPhone SE 2020 is the last to be displayed, and the truth is surprised many, good or bad.

What strikes the most at first glance, if we see it from the outside, the iPhone SE has similarities with the iPhone 8. Both have the same camera. Users can take the back camera of the iPhone 8 and put it in the iPhone SE 2020.

In the case of the iPhone SE, we can distinguish some exclusive features implemented with software, such as portrait mode.

In the iPhone SE 2020, the layout is identical to the iPhone 8. One major difference is the battery connector. This means that the battery is not interchangeable.

The difference we found regarding the A13 Bionic chip on the iPhone SE is different from the A11 Bionic on the iPhone 8. We knew this before, but you can see it with the naked eye by taking the device apart.

The benefits are not the same

The new iPhone SE 2020 has really substantial differences from the iPhone 8. The reasons to buy the iPhone SE 2020 lie in fact in the performance of the processor, which not only gives the performance a little better but is also able to improve the performance over the whole of the device with iOS 13 and the other versions that come on for a few years.

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Exactly that processor is also the one that enabled Apple to make improvements to the cameras through the software. This makes this second-generation iPhone SE comparable in photography to the popular iPhone XR launched in 2018.

Previously, iPhone users could think that iPhone SE 2020 as the iPhone 8 with the latest chipset and better camera. The iPhone SE 2020 has a 4.7-inch screen with True Tone and support for Dolby Vision and HDR10 playback.

It is possible that iFixit will release a video in the coming days where we can see the interior of the iPhone SE in more detail. In this way we can also view each part in a more detailed way.

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