Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Leak Reveals Big Camera Upgrade

Not much is known about the successor to the Galaxy Note 10, which is likely to bear the name of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. However, the first leak has already circulated on the net; By looking at Samsung’s previous development in the smartphone segment, some assumptions can also be made about the functions and specifications which can be contributed by the group to the new flagship. A new leak now suggests that Samsung is using the Galaxy S20 Ultra, as the basis for the camera setup. We summarize all the important information about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 in this article.

Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leak reveals big camera upgrade
samsung galaxy note 20 image render

Design of the Galaxy Note 20

It is currently unclear whether Samsung will actually use the Note 20 designation. If you keep using the previous counting rhythm, the name Galaxy Note 11 would also be conceivable. However, since the manufacturer has already adapted the counting of the Galaxy series for the Note devices in the past. We strongly assume that the device will be named the Galaxy Note 20 analogous to the Galaxy S20.

It’s also to be expected that Samsung will again use at least two versions of the phablet for Note 20. Last year, in addition to the Galaxy Note 10, Samsung also launched Galaxy Note 10+, which shines with better hardware. A few months later, a cheaper version came on the market. The Note 10 Lite – the same procedure would also be conceivable for the Note 20.

Galaxy Note 20 : Expect a Galaxy S20 Ultra-like camera module

Most analysts assume that Samsung will again use several models for the Galaxy Note 20 series (or Note 11). The name is still unclear at the moment. Galaxy Note 20+ or Galaxy Note 20 Ultra would be conceivable.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leak back cover image
source: winfuture

According to a tweet from Roland Quandt, Samsung is likely to adopt the design of the Galaxy S20 Ultra camera. He shared an image of the official LED View Cover for galaxy note 20 or note 20+. The accessories are expected to be sold by Samsung in the second half of this year.

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The tweet clearly shows a LED View Cover for note 20 or 20+. In which a gap for the camera setup protruding from the housing can be seen. Samsung would again rely on a camera module protruding from the housing for the Note 20 series.

Expect a camera module like the Galaxy S20 series

So far, very little is known about the camera of the Note 20 – based on the setups of the direct predecessor Note 10 and the first flagship Galaxy S20 released in 2020, some assumptions can already be made.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leak image

The manufacturer could use a dual setup for the front/selfie camera. It has long been speculated that Samsung is planning a front camera integrated with the display – possibly even with the Note 20 series.

Here, the main camera is based on a triple cam system with a total of three apertures on the Note 10 or a quad camera on the Note 10+. The S20 Plus and Ultra also use quad cams.

It’s hard to imagine that Samsung will take a step back to the triple camera setup with the new Note 20. At least for the top device Note 20+, we firmly assume a quad-camera setup which supports for 8K videos. When designing the camera setup, most analysts probably assumed that Samsung would also arrange the individual lenses for the Note 20 as they had done for the S20 series. Here, a huge camera module protruded 2.5mm from the Housing with the lenses attached in two rows next to each other.

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