LG Velvet: New LG Smartphone with a “Raindrop” Camera

LG Velvet: New LG Smartphone with a “Raindrop” Camera

The South Korean manufacturer has been making solid phones for years. Unfortunately, the brand is selling fewer and fewer phones. LG Mobile will completely change course in 2020. After the alphanumerical phone series are discontinued and new models are now given a more personal name such as the LG Velvet-a new smartphone with a raindrop camera.

In 2019, LG only launched and shipped a few phones. Hopefully, this will change this year. The Korean manufacturer will change direction. The result is the LG Velvet, a beautiful smartphone with clean lines and a set of excellent cameras.

LG Velvet

In the smartphone market, smartphones are increasingly similar. LG wants to change it. With its future smartphones, the manufacturer focuses on stylishly designed phones that feel pleasant.

In addition, LG also announced that they will no longer use the G and V series names in the future. Velvet will become a mainstay of LG. This brand says goodbye to the alphanumerical smartphone lines such as the LG G8 and LG V60 ThinQ.

LG introduced phones from the G series in 2013 and V in 2015. Finally, the LG V60 ThinQ rolled out in March in the United States and Europe.

LG Velvet: Smartphone with a “Raindrop” Camera

LG Velvet: Mid-range Smartphone with Raindrop Camera

The LG Velvet has a beautiful large screen with rounded edges. The aspect ratio seems to be 21: 9 comparable to the Sony Xperia 1. Due to the industrial design of the LG phone, the device is more like a Sony phone.

Meanwhile, reported by ZDNet, both sides of the Velvet will be curved the same as in devices made by Samsung.

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This makes the smartphone comfortable to hold. LG placed the selfie camera in the top-middle of the screen. There is probably also a fingerprint scanner under the screen. The back stands out because of the camera design. The triple main camera is in separate holes that move from big to small. LG calls this a drip effect. This trendy LG phone is available in a variety of fresh colors.

LG Velvet Specification

An LG phone has recently been spotted on benchmark sites, the LM-G900N. This is probably the code name for the LG Velvet.

The LG Velvet most likely has the Snapdragon 765 or 765G processor. This is a very fast octa-core processor in the upper-middle segment. The smartphone has 8 GB of RAM and with that everything runs smoothly. The Snapdragon 765 supports 5G. Therefore, we hope that the LG Velvet 5G is ready. With this chip, LG is able to apply more aggressive prices with new product strategies.

So far there has been no new information about the specifications of the smartphone. In addition, It is not yet clear when LG will release the velvet. Information about the smartphone has been circulating on the internet. The premium series which replaces the G series reportedly will be announced on May 15, 2020. Maybe that’s when we will find out more about the LG Velvet.

According to reports, LG will sell the new smartphone series with a price range of 900 thousand Won.

in your opinion, can LG re-compete with LG Velvet which prioritizes the design side?

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