Motorola Edge Plus Review : performance, cameras, pros, cons

Motorola Edge Plus is one of the wildest flagship smartphones on the market and we already have it for testing. Are the latest specifications and cameras better than competitors? Find the answers in the Motorola Edge Plus review.

Motorola is back! Or they really have been back for a long time, and with One Zoom and One Vision, they have shown that they can make very good middle-class phones. However, we haven’t seen the real flagship from Motorola for a long time, but with the latest Edge Plus phones, also called Edge+, the manufacturer will now get along with the best of the best smartphones. This is my test for the Motorola Edge Plus.

Review: Motorola Edge Plus
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But just because you can make a good mid-range phone, it’s not certain you can also make a good flagship phone. That was my first impression of the Motorola Edge Plus and now I feel ready to write a review and give it a final decision.

And this is a good time with the Motorola Edge Plus. This phone is breathing fresh air on the market, and it’s an excellent alternative to other flagship phones. However, it is not perfect.


  •     Excellent 90 Hz screen
  •     Great Battery life
  •     Good camera performance
  •     Good design and good built-in quality
  •     Very fast performance
  •     Ready for 5G


  •     No IP certification

Design | Motorola Edge Plus Review

Motorola edge plus review - Beutiful design
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We are not aware that most flagship phones, and cellphones in general, are similar today. Manufacturers try to differentiate themselves in the camera and color sectors, but for consumers, it is difficult to see the difference. Motorola Edge Plus design is still fresh.

This is a flagship model with a 6.7-inch screen with a 21: 9 screen ratio. The screen specifications make this phone very slim and long. This works very well for me. It’s easier to have a good grip and at the same time, it’s easier to use one hand.

The screen is only cut off by a small selfie camera hole. The ultra-curved screen has given it the name Edge, and Motorola claims it curves almost 90 percent to the side frame of the phone. It looks very beautiful, but it also comes with several weaknesses.

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On the other hand, we found a quad camera, which has a 108-megapixel main sensor. The design is more beautiful than most other flagship models. On the other hand, this phone is the only flagship model on the market with a 3.5 mm jack.

With a thickness of 9.6 mm, it feels good in the hand and has a very good size.


Here you get the fastest processor on the android market, Snapdragon 865, which is also ready with the upcoming 5G network. There is also 12 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 256 GB of UFS 3.0 storage. Combined with an almost pure version of Android 10. With the combination as above makes the performance of this mobile phone fast and responsive. As an illustration, the Motorola Edge Plus is at least as fast as the flagship phone made by OnePlus, OnePlus 8 Pro.

Beautiful curved screen

The 6.7-inch OLED screen on the Edge Plus comes with amazing colors, contrast, and the screen looks premium. This is an excellent OLED screen that even offers a 90 Hz screen refresh, which also makes it feel crazy fast.

Motorola Edge Plus - Beautiful curved screen
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However, I’m not a fan of screen design. I have never been a fan of curved screens and this is more curved than most curved smartphones. According to Motorola, it offers several benefits and smart shortcuts. For example, the curved screen can be filled with additional buttons, so you can quickly switch between the most frequently used applications.

Software | Motorola Edge Plus Review

The software on the Motorola Edge Plus is really great. This is an almost pure version of Android 10, which comes with additional good features from the manufacturer. The interface is fast, simple, and very user-friendly. Here are many customization options as well as the Moto Actions and Moto Display, which I really like.

Motorola also promised that Edge Plus will get Android 11 and Android 12.

Edge Plus offers good audio

Motorola Edge Plus comes with speakers at the top and bottom and the quality is very good. In fact, it is the best on the market. This phone can produce sounds with quality that is surprising both in the treble and the bottom.

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The same can be said about the very satisfying call quality. During my testing with Motorola Edge Plus, I had not yet experienced problems with voice and data coverage. But in my opinion, this WiFi device is not the strongest. Most of its competitors have a faster WIFI connection.

Edge Plus has a very large battery

Edge Plus gets a 5000 mAh battery for powering a fast chip, a 90 Hz screen and at least a 5G connection. Now, of course, we can’t test with 5G (not yet), but the battery’s durability is very good.

On average use, the Motorola Edge Plus lasts one and a half days. If you use it intensively, it lasts one day and if you use it less, it easily lasts two days.

In addition, there are also fast charging and wireless charging. This is not the same fast charge as we know from some of its competitors, but the more traditional 18W. Half an hour on a charger gives me about 35 percent, with more competitors approaching 60 and 70 percent.

The best Motorola camera

Motorola Edge plus - camera review
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Flagship smartphones must also have a very good camera. And there is no question at all, this is Motorola’s best camera phone to date. It offers high quality images and offers high flexibility. The following is an overview of the five cameras on the phone:

  •     Main camera: 108 megapixels f1.8 OIS
  •     Telephoto: 8 megapixels, f2.4 OIS
  •     Ultra wide angle: 16 megapixels f2.2
  •     3D sensor ToF
  •     Front camera: 25 megapixel f2.0

Motorola Edge Plus presents some really great images that can follow the best mobile camera on the market. During the day, the portrait and macro shots have a lot of contrast, sharp and natural colors. Some dynamic ranges do not exist, but the quality is actually approved. Macro image quality is the best I have ever tried.

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The quality of the wide angle camera and telephoto shots is also approved, but not at the same high quality. If they get enough light, that looks good. But when in low light conditions the camera quality starts to decline.

Overall, I enjoy using the camera on the Motorola Edge Plus. It’s fun to play, it’s easy to take good pictures and then there are lots of features. The camera application is also good.

Conclusion | Motorola Edge Plus Review

With Edge Plus, Motorola has become one of the best phones this year, and also one of the best flagship phones on the market. With the best and fastest hardware on the market. It has an impressive battery life and highly qualified camera settings, which are often on par with its competitors.

With a screen ratio of 21: 9, it is very comfortable to hold and offers easy one-handed operation. The screen quality is also decent for a high-end phone. This phone has HDR10 + support and 90 Hz refresh rates. Unfortunately, it curves very much on the sides, which presents a bit of a challenge with typos and color distortion.

However, Edge Plus does not have a small enough important thing: IP certification. Where competitors offer IP68 certification for liquids and dust.

This is a very competitive market where other manufacturers have spent years repairing their flagship series phones. So it’s actually quite impressive that Motorola succeeds very well. In testing the Motorola Edge Plus, I really enjoyed using it, and I’m very happy to see what Motorola has to offer next time.

The price of the Motorola Edge Plus is $999 (€1,199 / £ 7,999), which is slightly more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and OnePlus 8 Pro.

Motorola Edge Plus













  • Excellent 90 Hz screen
  • Very fast performance
  • Good camera performance
  • Good design and good built-in quality
  • Great Battery life


  • No IP certification
  • Slow charging speed

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