Motorola Moto G8 Power: Review, Specification, and Price

Motorola Moto G8 Power Review specs and price

Motorola Moto G8 Power Review – Moto G8 Power is a middle-spec smartphone equipped with a large-capacity 5000mAh battery. Low-priced smartphones with large capacity batteries are the main attraction of this phone.

It is interesting because of the affordable price of 220 US Dollars. You get large capacity batteries, and specs are reasonably fulfilled.

In conclusion, the Motorola G8 Power was so attractive that I thought the expectations were too low. On the other hand, there are some parts that are down specs in order to realize low prices.


  •  Excellent battery life
  • Smooth performance
  • Low Price
  • Headphone jack
  • Stereo speaker
  • Macro camera is excellent


  • Video recording is rough
  • Cameras perform poorly in the dark

I will open the box and start the review.

What’s in the box? | Moto G8 Power Review

On the sticker attached to the display, Motorola shows the superiority of Moto G8 Power. The 5000mAh battery is written at the top and is bigger, it looks like Motorola wants to emphasize this feature more. It should also be noted that the G8 Power is equipped with a quad AI camera and dual speakers.

The color of the Moto G8 Power I am reviewing this time is smoke black.

First of all, introduce the specifications

Before starting the full review, I will introduce the specifications of Moto G8 Power.

Motorola Moto G8 Power Specs

SpecificationMoto G8 Power
Dimension75.9 (W) × 158.0 (H) × 9.6 (D) mm / 197g
Display6.36 inches (2300 x 1080)
Rear Camera16MP + 8MP + 8MP + 2MP
Front Camera16MP
ChipsetSnapdragon 665
Storage64GB UFS 2.0 Flash
OSAndroid 10
Wifi802.11 b / g / n
Battery5000mAh, 18W quick charging

Overall, it is a specification of the middle-class smartphone. On the other hand, Wi-Fi is only available in the 2.4 GHz band to reduce costs.

Now, let’s open the box.

Check the accessories | Moto G8 Power

I opened the box and find the main accessories. Included a protective case, USB charger, USB cable, earphones, SIM ejector, and manuals book.

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I am happy to say that USB charger comes with 18W fast charging.

Amazon has already sold many protective cases such as shock-resistant cases and notebook type cases. It’s also a good idea to find your favorite case.

The Moto G8 Power design was better than expected

First is the back of Moto G8 Power. This phone has a beautiful glossy back that you can’t think of as a low-priced smartphone.

A fingerprint scanner sensor is mounted on the Motorola logo on the back. The fashionable feeling around here is also the appeal of the Motorola smartphone.

A microphone, a speaker, and a Type-C port are lined up at the bottom. The USB port is equipped with Type-C, and you can not miss the point that it also supports quick charging.

There is an earphone jack on the upper side. It’s good that you can use your favorite wired headphones as they are.

Volume button and power button on the right side of the body. They are arranged one above the other.

The back is slightly curved, so I don’t feel that the body is extremely thick. It is a size feeling that is not a problem for a smartphone equipped with a 5000mAh battery.

The Moto G8 Power has a good impression in terms of design, but what about the features?

6.4-inch display with punch-hole display

First of all, the Moto G8 Power is equipped with a 6.4-inch full HD + display. Although it is a liquid crystal display type, it is sufficiently bright. The viewing angle is wide and the display is clearly visible from the side.

The Moto G8 Power uses a punch-hole display with a selfie camera mounted in the hole on the display. The bezel is quite slim, and it looks like a display when viewed from the front.

Moto G8 Power equipped with a 6.4-inch full HD + display. Even if you actually check the display of the Moto G8 Power, it has sufficient detail.

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When you actually pick it up, with a body width of 75.9 mm, it is always difficult to operate with one hand.

Android 10 | Motorola Moto G8 Power Review

G8 Power adopts the latest Android 10. As with other Motorola smartphones, the pure Android feel is a big attraction.


The Snapdragon 665 is greatly affected the performance. Motorola equip this phone with an SoC that exhibits standard performance as a middle-spec smartphone.

The previous model Moto G7 Power was equipped with Snapdragon 632, so the performance of Moto G8 Power is clearly improved.

When using AnTuTu Ver 8 three times in a row, the overall score is over 170,000. This score is within the expected range for a smartphone with Snapdragon 665.

Internal storage

The internal storage capacity of Moto G8 Power is 64GB. The free space at the first start is about 50GB.

Basically, there is still plenty of free space. Since it supports the microSD card as external storage, it is also an option to use external storage for photos and videos.

I measured the read/write speed of the internal storage as a benchmark.

Since it is not as fast as a UFS 2.1 standard-compliant device, it is possible that it has adopted the eMMC standard internal storage.

Quad camera | Motorola Moto G8 Power Review

Motorola Moto G8 Power quad camera

On the back of the Moto G8 Power is a quad-camera with 16 megapixels (main) + 8 megapixels (telephoto optics) + 8 megapixels (ultra wide angle) + 2 megapixels (macro).

It’s nice to have a quad-camera in this price range. It is attractive to be able to use different cameras depending on the scene.

You can also shoot with an ultra-wide-angle camera equipped with action camera technology when shooting movies.

I think it’s different from the camera with the action camera technology of “moto g8 plus”. It’s nice to be able to shoot in ultra-wide-angle, but the image stabilization is just as good.

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Dual speaker

The Moto G8 Power also has a speaker on the top of the display. Equipped with dual speakers, you can enjoy a powerful sound.

The Moto G8 Power dual speaker is definitely a big attraction.

5000mAh high capacity battery

As the model name suggests, the biggest attraction of the Moto G8 Power is its large battery capacity.

When I watch a YouTube video for 1 hour while fully charged, the remaining battery capacity is 99%. Watching a video for an hour and seeing a 1% battery drain is amazing. You can see that Moto G8 Power has excellent power saving not only in battery capacity but also in the entire package.

With excellent battery life and dual-speaker sound, it is a very nice specification for those who frequently watch videos.

Supports fast charging up to 18W

The Moto G8 Power supports fast-charging up to 18W. When I actually measured the output, it was almost the same as the specifications.

So far, I have reviewed Moto G8 Power. I was really surprised at the finish more than I expected in advance.

Conclusion | Motorola Moto G8 Power Review

We are very pleased with the Motorola Moto G8 Power, for several reasons. The battery is nice and large and lasts a very long time. In addition, there are plenty of cameras and options to experiment with, Android 10 is immediately available and the device – despite its midrange hardware – feels relatively quickly. There are also disadvantages: not everyone will like the front camera on the screen, while the scanner on the back feels outdated. The cameras also function at their best when there is sufficient light.

On the other hand, a well-functioning device with good performance, fine software, and experience that generally pleases. If you find it very annoying that there is no AMOLED screen, you can, for example, consider the Samsung Galaxy A51.

Motorola Moto G8 Power













  • Excellent battery life
  • Smooth performance
  • Stereo speaker
  • Macro camera is excellent
  • Affordable Price


  • Video recording is rough
  • Cameras perform poorly in the dark

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