New leak reveals Google Pixel 4a camera samples

The Pixel 3a series received a lot of attention last year. Google equipped it with a camera with the same performance as the high-end model despite its low price. Now, camera samples from pixel 3a successors appear on the internet. Rumored to bring a 12 MP camera, the results of the Pixel 4A camera that appeared on the internet did not disappoint.

2 photos taken with Pixel 4a

In March of this year, Julio Lusson had released a hands-on video of Pixel 4a on YouTube channel TecnoLike Plus. He has released photos taken with the camera of Pixel 4a.

He has published all 4 photos. Two shots were taken with the Pixel 4a with a 12-megapixel camera and two shots with the Xiaomi RedMi Note 7 with a 48-megapixel camera.

    Fotos: # Pixel4a Vs # RedmiNote7

    12MP Vs 48MP

    ? Cual Te Gusta Mas Pic.Twitter.Com/ULsU8pOlRo

    — Julio Lusson (@julio_lusson) April 30, 2020

Google pixel 4a camera sample leak - dark room/low-light

The first photo scene in a dark room. From the results of these photos, it appears that photos from the Redmi Note 7 have unnatural brightness and noise. While images from Pixel 4a shots have the appropriate brightness, color, and focus.

Google pixel 4a camera sample leak - daytime

The second photo scene in a cloudy environment. Redmi Note 7 shots have poor focus, while Pixel 4a shots are brighter and optimal in focus. There is a feeling of composition by HDR that composes multiple images by combining them with different brightness, but there is no underexposure.

Julio Lusson said he wanted to show that high pixel counts and high image quality do not always match.

9to5Google shows that Pixel 4a software and hardware is still under development. The media has revealed that 4K / 60fps will be added to Pixel 4a on the upcoming Google camera, and it looks like the picture quality and functionality may be improved.

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Uses a 12MP Camera?

Rumors to date indicate that the Pixel 4a will use a single 12-megapixel lens. The special “Pixel Neural Core” camera processor that is installed in the high-end models is not installed.

The display is a 5.81-inch organic EL with a punch-hole design. It does not support face recognition. It seems that the selling price will be set at $ 399 ~, which is the same as last year.

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