The 4 Best Android Alternatives for iPhone SE 2020

Apple has announced the iPhone SE 2020, the latest version of the popular device from 2016. However, competition is not empty. These are the four best Android alternatives for the iPhone SE 2020.

Alternatives for iPhone SE 2020

The biggest difference between the iPhone SE 2020 and the Android competition is the operating system. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages and personal preference also plays a major role. However, looking purely at the redesigned size and specifications of the iPhone SE, we came to the conclusion that there are many interesting Android alternatives available. With the list below we help you on your way.

1. Samsung Galaxy S10e | Android alternatives for iPhone SE

samsung galaxy s10e white. best Android alternatives for the iPhone SE 2020
samsung galaxy s10e white

For most people, the Samsung Galaxy S10e is the best Android alternative to the iPhone SE 2020. Galaxy S10e has a large screen (5.8 inches versus 4.7 inches), but the housing is only slightly larger. It is because the Galaxy S10e has very thin screen edges. In addition, Samsung’s screen is much sharper 438 ppi density.

The S10e is powered by an Exynos 9820 processor and has 6GB RAM and 128GB RAM. In other words, it is fast enough to play most graphically demanding games without any problems. You are also assured of Android security updates for a few years and you can take good photos with the dual camera on the back.

2. Google Pixel 4 | Android alternatives for iPhone SE

google pixel 4 black. best Android alternatives for the iPhone SE 2020
google pixel 4 black

Another excellent alternative is the Google Pixel 4. It has a 5.7-inch P-OLED capacitive touchscreen with a 90Hz refresh rate. In terms of size, it is only one centimeter longer than the new iPhone SE, but the screen is one inch larger. Also in terms of pixel density, Pixel 4 has a PPI of 444, while the iPhone SE 2020 gets stuck at 326.

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Another advantage of the Pixel 4 is its dual rear camera (12.2 + 16 megapixel). The device takes fantastic photos especially in low-light situations, such as during the night hours. Furthermore, Google always provides its own smartphones with updates immediately.

3. Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

Xiaomi MI 9 SE

Do you find the iPhone SE 2020 on the expensive side? Then the Mi 9 SE may be worth considering. This Android phone from Xiaomi is the cheaper version of the Mi 9, last year’s top model. The Mi 9 SE has an almost borderless screen with high resolution, fingerprint scanner under the display and also equipped with very powerful hardware.

This affordable Chinese device is slightly larger than the new iPhone SE; the Mi 9 SE is a few centimeters longer and a few millimeters wider and thicker. It is also a few grams heavier. On the other hand, the device has a triple camera on the back, a selfie camera with high resolution and a battery that you can charge quickly.

4. Huawei P30 Lite

huawei p30 lite . android alternatives for iphone se
Huawei p30 lite

Are you looking for a compact Android smartphone, but the above options are too expensive? Then take a look at the Huawei P30 Lite. Huawei release this entry-level model of the P30 series last year. The already very affordable device has fallen even more in recent weeks because Huawei has released the P40 series. So you get a P30 Lite for less than 200 euros.

This device has a slightly larger housing, just like the other iPhone SE 2020 alternatives, but it does have a pleasant 6.15-inch screen. The three cameras on the back also do their work and thanks to the tactically placed fingerprint scanner you can quickly unlock the device. Huawei also sells the Huawei P30 Lite New Edition. This improved version has more memory and a better selfie camera.

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