The Best Photo Filter Application for iPhone / iOS

On App Store we can find a variety of iPhone / iOS photography applications. Very popular is the photo filter application, where we can add all kinds of interesting effects to our photos. Color filters give special effects to our photos, which makes ordinary photos suddenly become much more beautiful and interesting.

Here are 5 photo applications for iPhone / iOS

Best photo filter for iphone  / iOS
VSCO photo filter

1. VSCO: professional photo filters

VSCO provides beautiful effects that are used by professionals in Adobe Lightroom and other professional camera apps. With VSCO we can taste the best iPhone / iOS photo filter application, which actually offers everything we are looking for. The filters in VSCO are truly spectacular, interesting, and varied. We can use 20 filters inside it for free. Filters are divided into collections, so you can easily find it.

2. Instagram

If you really want to make a different photo, you should look further. But Instagram is by far the most popular iPhone / iOS photo filter application, which you can easily edit photos with filters. We can easily highlight photos with one button and there are several options to adjust focus, sketch, and contrast, of course we can ignore them if we don’t want them.

In addition, Instagram has the largest photo network in the world. At first this application is fun for individuals to share food photos or photos of everyday life.

3. Snapseed | Best Photo Filter App for iPhone / iOS

Snapseed is also an application with many fans and a large number of photo filters. The nice thing is that you can also create your own filters and share them with others with QR codes. We can choose black and white, vintage and special filters. The filter effect on Snapseed will make our photos really stand out and look interesting.

The application interface is also very simple. At the bottom we see the Display, Tools and export menus. For filters and effects, we can go to the Display menu. To edit, we can go to the Tools menu. Snapseed is available free on appstore.

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4. Retrica: for retro photo filters

Retrica has more than 55 filters in its application. The choices are many, if confused choosing we can choose the effects randomly. We can use this application as an addition to the usual photo editing application. With in-app purchases, you can expand your photo effects collection to more than 80 filters.

5. Afterlight | Best Photo Filter App for iPhone / iOS

In this application, the color filter is divided into surrounding filters and filters from other users. There are also filters from famous photographers. The point plus is the photo filter is quite smooth. Each filter can be adjusted with editing tools, so that we can tinker according to our own preferences. There are also special effects such as selective coloring and dust on the lens.

In addition, there is a Clarification function that can be used to brighten photos. We can always cancel edits. Or cut a photo into certain shapes, like hearts or letters.

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