The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera is worse than the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s, according to DxOMark

Galaxy S21 ultra 5G

The phone camera comparison site DxOMark has delivered its evaluation corresponding to the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, with little optimistic results and obtaining a low score and in 17th place in the ranking.

The site specialized in mobile photography has set the score of the Galaxy S21 Ultra at 121 points on average, a score that no one expected from the Samsung flagship in 2021. It is well below expectations, although this is not the worst. The S21 Ultra lags behind last year’s S20 Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra obtains a fairly modest score and not very worthy of mobile of about 1,300 euros/dollars.

The measurement was made using a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Exynos and has obtained an overall score of 121, a result that is lower than the 126 points awarded to the Galaxy S20 Ultra a year ago.

The low scores, according to DxOMark, are due to poor performance of the two telephoto modules, the 10x periscope, and the additional mid-range zoom module are not worth much compared to the original zoom settings on the S20 Ultra.

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