Tips: Choosing iPhone Storage: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB or 512GB?

How much iPhone storage space do you need? Is 64GB enough or do you need 128GB, 256GB or even 512GB storage? we provide complete tips on how to choose iPhone storage.

Tips Choosing iPhone storage: how much storage do I need?

One of the most important decisions when buying an iPhone is how much storage space you need. iPhones have a choice of multiple storage capacities. It starts at 64GB and continues up to 512GB! If you are unsure which amount of storage is most ideal for your situation, we explain in this article what you can consider when choosing iPhone storage.

How much storage do you use now?

choosing iPhone storage
iPhone 11 all variant

An important question to start with is how much storage you’re using right now. Go to Settings> General> iPhone Storage and see how much you are using now. Do you currently have a lot of movies stored offline but don’t normally do this? Then you can subtract that amount of gigabytes. You can also think about your future use. Are you planning to do a lot more photography and video films because your new iPhone has a better camera? Then you just need a little more storage.

If you are regularly short, it makes sense to go a step higher. For many people, 128GB will be the ideal trade-off between what you need and how much you want to pay, but of course, this is very personal.

In this example, 16GB of the offline video is stored on the device. By deleting this you can quickly create more space. You can also see at the bottom of the list which apps contain many videos.

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How much iPhone storage does Apple offer?

Apple has a fixed range of storage options with each device. That starts at 64GB for the entry-level model and increases to 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. Every higher step in a storage means a price increase between $ 50 and $ 200, so you need to think carefully before choosing.

These are the current storage capacities for iPhones available from Apple:

The era of 16GB is far behind us and 64GB is the standard for the latest models. With the more expensive models you can even choose 512GB, although that is not necessary for most people.

Tips : Choosing iPhone storage

Below we indicate for each device which storage capacity we would choose, based on the price differences between the different models.

Choose at least 128GB

This advice applies to the following models. It only costs you 50 euros extra and you have many more storage options:

Tips: choosing iPhone storage
iPhone 11

Choose at least 256GB

This advice applies to the top models because 64GB is far too little for these high-end models. If you buy this device you are probably a demanding user who does a lot with the iPhone:

  •     iPhone 11 Pro
  •     iPhone 11 Pro Max

Choose 16GB or 32GB

  • You use your iPhone for making calls and nothing else.
  • You do not need the latest device, but an iPhone 7 also meets your needs.
  • You will have to search at various stores because Apple no longer sells devices with 16GB and 32GB. It is probably best to take a look at the refurbished iPhones.
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Choose 64GB

  • You want the entry-level model of the mentioned devices.
  • You do not use your device very actively.
  • You have a regular list of apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp, but no need to try other apps.
  • You have a second device (such as an iPad) for games and entertainment.
  • You are a fanatic user of streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Netflix
  • You used to clean up your iPhone regularly (eg photos and home-made videos).
  • You use your device for business purposes and only used for a few business apps.

Choose 128GB or 256GB

  • You want to get the most out of the photo and video functions of the iPhone.
  • You have no discipline in cleaning up your device. With 128GB or more, you can leave photos and videos on your device for months and only need to clean up a few times a year.

Choose 512GB

  • You have to deal with large files before work – for example as a musician, photographer or architect.
  • You plan to use the device for years and want to be ready for the future.
  • You resell your device every year for the very latest.
  • You are wealthy – money does not matter.

How much iPhone storage do you need?

Since the storage space of the iPhone is not expandable, it is important that you choose the right amount. If you choose too spacious, then you are actually too expensive. If you take too little, you will always receive notifications that your storage is full. You cannot insert additional memory cards into the iPhone or have the storage replaced. However, there are all kinds of USB sticks with a Lightning connection, with which you can transfer photos, for example.

There are also alternative solutions, such as using iCloud and saving videos to Dropbox, Flickr or Google Photos.

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You no longer need to store music locally if you use a streaming music service. You can stream TV series and movies via Netflix, Videoland and other services. You can also store documents online and only retrieve them when you need them.

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