WhatsApp Dark Mode Finally Comes

Almost all of the main android applications now have a dark mode. After waiting long enough, finally the dark mode of whatsapp is available. The most popular instant messaging application finally has Dark mode after the user waits for this feature for quite a long time. And finally the dark mode of whatsapp comes for Android and iOS.

A much sought after feature has recently appeared in beta. Apparently it has been tested quite well by the whatsapp team and is ready to be released to users. So now all Whatsapp users can enjoy dark mode. Dark mode is useful to reduce glare in the eyes due to smartphone screen light exposure.

Setting dark mode whatsapp
Setting dark mode whatsapp

How to set WhatsApp dark mode on Android 10 and iOS 13

If we use the latest version of Android or iOS, setting dark mode is very easy. If our phone is already in Dark Mode, WhatsAppp will automatically detect it and activate the dark mode automatically as well. So we don’t need to activate manually.

Unfortunately, this method doesn’t work if your phone has an older version of Android or iOS. For that we need to do the settings manually so that the dark mode can run on older Android and iOS phones. Here’s a way that you can do to activate this feature on older versions of Android and iOS.

Dark Mode WhatsApp on older versions of Android and iOS

Android 9 pie and below

  • Open Whatsapp
  • At the top right, tap the three dot icon
  • Tap the chat then select a theme
  • Then choose a dark theme
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iOS 12 and below

Unpleasant news for iPhone users with iOS 12 and below. Dark Mode is only available for iOS 13. Therefore, we recommend that you use a iphone to update your iOS version first. If your iPhone is still using iOS 12 and below then you can’t activate dark mode.

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