Why pay a hundred euros more for the ‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’ compared to the ‘iPhone 12 Pro’?

The ‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’ (6.7 inches) has arrived this Friday in the stores and homes of those customers who previously made the reservation, and Apple fans wonder if the new Apple smartphone is worth one hundred euros difference compared to the ‘iPhone 12 Pro’ (6.1 inches). As usual, prices are raised based on the storage capacity in the two models. Thus, the 128 GB offer is priced at 1,159 euros in the case of the ‘iPhone 12 Pro’ and 1,259 euros for the ‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’. The 256 GB versions cost 1,279 euros (‘iPhone 12 Pro’) and 1,379 euros (‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’). While Apple’s new 512 GB phones range between 1,509 euros for the ‘iPhone 12 Pro’ and 1,609 euros for the ‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’.

iPhone 12 Pro price comparison
iPhone 12 Pro

Big news

In the case of the ‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’ versus the ‘iPhone 12 Pro’, three great novelties can be highlighted. The first is the largest screen of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, equipped in its 6.7 inches with an OLED Super Retina XDR, with 3.5 million pixels. All designed to enhance photos, HDR videos, and games with 1,200 nits of brightness and a 1: 2 million contrast ratio. This display helps bring out the most radiant whites from the deepest blacks. This larger size also adds grams to the phone, weighing 228 grams for the ‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’, compared to 189 grams for the ‘iPhone 12 Pro’.

The second great differentiator between the two new high-end models from Apple is the battery, which in the case of the ‘iPhone Pro Max’ is the longest-lived in its family (and perhaps also in its entire segment). The ‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’ allows 12 hours of continuous streaming video viewing without going through the plug (11 hours on the ‘iPhone 12 Pro’) or 20 hours if the movies are stored in the mobile (17 on the ‘iPhone 12 Pro’). Measured audio listening time, the battery life reaches 80 hours in the ‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’ compared to 65 hours in the ‘iPhone 12 Pro’.

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The third aspect is the optics. The camera quality of the ‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’ sets itself apart from its peers when it comes to capturing portraits quickly in low light conditions. Under these circumstances, the Cupertino flagship offers the best of its larger pixel size, 1.78 m, almost 47% larger than its peers, a detail that increases light capture by 87 % in the darkest environments. All of the above means that the graphic information increases in each element of the image, which translates into a greater richness of contrast, texture, and color of all parts of the image, as well as faster in the process of capturing the image. light and more efficiency in dark environments.

Also, its optical stabilizer, exceptionally housed in the lenses themselves, represents an unheard of technological virtuosity on the market. Specifically, the telephoto lens of the ‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’ of 65 millimeters offers a focal aperture of ƒ / 2.2, less bright than the ƒ / 2.0 of the iPhone 12 Pro.

“This is the best iPhone range in history,” summarized Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, in presenting a product that is committed to the company’s founding values: integrating its hardware with its own software. The A14 Bionic microchip, considered by the manufacturer to be the fastest of those that work in a smartphone, along with iOS 14. This recipe for machine and intelligence makes it easy for the Californian to “add features of computational photography as Incredible like Night mode on more cameras, Dolby Vision video recording with HDR, a next-generation LiDAR scanner for Augmented Reality like never before, faster autofocus in low light and ‘Night’ mode portraits.”

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The most ambitious 5G on the market

Apple has arrived from the last to 5G, it has chosen to offer more fifth-generation bands than any other smartphone on the market, as well as greater high-speed coverage around the world. In the case of the United States, the new iPhones are already compatible with the millimeter-wave, with speeds of up to 4 Gb/s even in highly populated areas. In addition, the ‘iPhone 12 Pro’ incorporates the Smart Data mode, which evaluates the need to use 5G and balances the use of data, speed, and consumption in real-time.

The power of Apple A14 Bionic

According to the manufacturer, the A14 Bionic is the industry’s first five-nanometer chip, with advanced components the size of atoms, literally. The brain of mobiles has 40% more transistors, which means greater speed, efficiency, and autonomy. And, in addition, the new ISP processor allows recording with Dolby Vision, something that professional camcorders do not do, not to mention other smartphones. According to the company, the chip is already prepared for machine learning thanks to its 16-core neural engineering, capable of performing 11 trillion operations per second, with an 80% increase in performance.


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