Xiaomi Mi Note 10 with 108MP Sensor

Xiaomi presented the Mi Note 10 with a 108MP sensor in the fall. The outstanding feature of the Mi Note 10 smartphone is its camera equipment. With a total of five rear cameras, the Pro variant achieved a rating of 121 points in the globally recognized DxOMark test. It no longer occupies the top spot, but it is still enough for one of the front ranks. Among the top devices in the DxOMark ranking, this is also the cheapest device so it easily wins DxOMark points per euro rating. The camera equipment between the Mi Note 10 Pro and Mi Note 10 only differs in that the lens of the Pro version consists of eight parts, while the Mi Note 10 uses a 7P lens.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 with 108MP sensor

Camera performance improved after the update

In normal photo mode, the Mi Note 10 combines four pixels for one to capture lots of light. However, the native 108-megapixel mode is also interesting in the test and allows previously unknown zoom levels with the good display quality. Initially, you had to wait about four to five seconds in this mode until the photo is saved and the camera app was available for new images. The latest update for MIUI version 11.0.11 eliminates this waiting time. Photos taken at 108 megapixels are now immediately available.

Xiaomi Note 10 support LHDC

The Mi Note 10 is one of the few smartphones that also supports the new Bluetooth codec LHDC. LHDC support came with the latest update at the end of December 2019. Similar to Sony’s LDAC, this codec offers a significantly higher transmission rate than other variants such as AAC, aptX and aptX HD. While LDAC only used in Sony’s own headphones due to high licensing costs, LHDC should become significantly more popular thanks to low license fees. In addition to Huawei and Xiaomi, the new codec also supported by Sennheiser. The IE 80S BT in-ear model is the first product from the German audio specialist with LHDC support. Google also interested in LHDC and wants to integrate the codec in Android. When that should happen, however, is still uncertain.

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