Xiaomi MIUI 12 Could Arrive Earlier than Expected

Less than a year after the release of MIUI 11, precisely on February 24. The MIUI 12 should make its debut this year. Not long ago, Xiaomi launched an update to its latest version of the MIUI interface. However, some information about the next version of its operating system, MIUI 12, is starting to appear online.

Xiaomi Miui 12

The official Xiaomi MIUI development team has announced that this week will be the last update for MIUI 11. This news delivered in the update of the MIUI beta patch version 20.3.23 build on Monday, March 23, 2020, which might be an indication of MIUI 12’s presence.

According to an article posted on the Mi Community forum, we now have the operating system launch schedule, which can release as early as next month.

It is important to note that this graphic was not published by any of the brand’s representatives, but by a user by the name of “Mi Influencer”. However, the message was immediately removed from the forum, which could strengthen the possibility of its truth.

Xiaomi MIUI 12 may arrive much sooner than expected

According to the graph, the release of MIUI 12 beta could already take place next month. Several test versions are already in circulation within the team in charge of its development. Also, with the beta versions arriving in mid-May, it is possible that the official release of the first stable version will take place in October, but there are no official confirmations.

Recently, in one of MIUI’s trial versions, there is a reference to a major revelation that occurred this week. Also, users in China attempting to join the beta program receive an “error” and a mention to MIUI 12. Unfortunately, information about possible new features planned for the updated operating system is still scarce.

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It should mention that while some devices will update to Android 11 and Xiaomi MIUI 12, many others will update to the new operating system while keeping the original version of Android, which can be Android 10 or Android 9.

Based on the MIUI launch pattern, MIUI 12 expected to be present at the beginning of the year. Since released in 2010, MIUI has been getting updates about 444 weeks. This latest generation will come as the 10th anniversary of MIUI

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